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Melissa Olson

A little bit about me...





I think the best part of writing and reading is losing yourself in the characters' lives, connecting with the voice of a piece and wordsmithing.


I fell in love with storytelling listening to my Norwegian family tell stories about immigrating, growing up on a farm and all of the crazy things they did as kids. I wrote my first story at nine, started working for the local newspaper in high school and graduated with a communications degree from the University of Michigan.


Since then, I've written for children's and parenting magazines, weeklies, online publications both here in the states and Canada, the Michigan Senate, nonprofits and the University of Michigan. 

In my blog, Wordsmithery, I write about my writing journey and interview other artists, writers and musicians. I'm really interested in youth art and what inspires artists of all ages.


I love that art lets us express ourselves in our own, unique ways!


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