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  • Melissa Olson

Conversations, 10-17

This poem is what came to me after Trump's tweets last month about the 'taking a knee' protest. Some said there are a million more respectful ways people could protest racism and discrimination. Others say the best way to not be discriminated against is to be an upstanding citizen, follow the rules, work hard, become a leader in your community. It might be that simple for some, but it's not for many.

Conversations, 10-17

What if I became a doctor, astronaut, a self-made millionaire?

It doesn't matter -

Nothing does, my child,

But the color of your skin.

How about a teacher, church leader like grandpa, even US President?

It doesn't matter, son,

They'll still call you


They'll want proof that you were born here,

Atonement for some sin.

It doesn't matter,

Nothing matters, but the color of your skin.

You could cure the world of cancer,

Die on some battlefield afar,

Love your neighbor and your country with all your little heart.

Still, when you walk out our door,

Some will judge you evermore

Simply for

the color

of your skin.

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