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  • Melissa Olson

A2, Detriot Youth Artists Knock it Out of the Park at MOCAD Exhibit!

The youth who turned out for this year's Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) Teen Exhibition did not disappoint! The call-out was to create a piece that spoke about consumption and the world around us for the exhibit, PIGSTY!

Three members of the A2 Neutral Zone Visual Arts Collective participatied in the exhibit: Mattea Turenne, Romeo Klobucar and my daughter Leah Cunningham. The art reception also featured an open mic for local youth poets.

Teens from all over Michigan participated. It was a assemblage of guts, talent and incredible insight. Check it out!

About his piece, Self Portrait 2019, Romeo states: "The piece overall is designed to give a feeling of overwhelmingness and drama, as well as trying to find a sort of bubble or orb away from the messiness of the world."

Mattea's piece above is titled I am a Product of my Former Selves, Escape. She states: "OCD is often misrepresented in the media, and its actual impact can get lost in the widely-held misconception that OCD is a "mild" illness or that it is simply about people wanting to be neat. In these pieces I seek to correct that misconception adn help people understand the pain that OCD truly inflicts on the people who have it."

This was made from plastic straws and other recycled materials - wowsers!

Crocheted coral reef - so much detail!

Leah on her piece, Submerged: "A lot of people I know deal with anxiety, including me at times. I think depression and anxiety are very common issues with teenagers these days as it seems to consume a multitude of my friends. It really makes me sad and sometimes it engulfs me. In this picture, I wanted to show how someone’s depression and anxiety might impact them."

Commenting on the opoid crisis, this artists hung a pill bottle with a photo of celebreties who have overdosed.

Commenting on the opoid crisis, each hanging pill bottle has a photo of a celebrity who overdosed.

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